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SoCal Pro Wrestling Videos From 2009

Chimaera vs. Mexus SoCal Pro Wrestling
Nov 14th 2010

Nov 14 2009 Recap Video

Mirror Image Challenge

rockNES Monsters DEBUT!

Nov 14th 2009

Tommy Wilson vs SoCal Crazy Nov 14th

October 2009 Recap Music Video

Hector Canales Speaks on Ricky Mandel

SoCal Pro 20-Man Rumble 10-24-09

Tommy Wilson vs Johnny Goodtime Oct 2009

SoCal Pro Rumble Oct 24th 2009

Ricky Mandel gets ready for SoCal Pro Rumble

Aug 15 2009 Recap Music Video

Sept 12th Super Clash Preview

Adam Pearce vs Johnny Goodtime

Super Clash Preview Sept 12th 2009

Tommy Wilson Becomes Champion

Anchors Away Gets thrown in River!

Adam Pearce vs Johnny Goodtime Music Video

Cool Imagery & The Ballard Brothers

Tommy Wilson is Finished in Oceanside

Gold Fever July 18th 2009 Music Video

Tommy Wilson vs. SoCal Crazy 7.18.09

SoCal Pro Mystery?

Johnny Goodtime & Durwood Murray

SoCal Crazy, The Ballard Brothers Talk 7.19.09

June 20th 2009 Recap Music Video

Johnny Yuma, The Ballards & Tommy Wilson
ALL get ready for June 20th!

Durwood Murray & Cool Imagery Speak On SoCal Crazy's Condition & June 20th!

Jason Redondo & Scott Lost Speak on June 20

Scott Lost Has Message For Yuma!

May 23rd 2009 MAIN EVENT

Adam Pearce vs. Johnny Goodtime May 23rd

SoCal Crazy & Tommy Wilson Get Ready For May 23rd

Cool Imagery Get Ready For May 23rd 2009

2-Year Anniversary Music Video

B-BOY Returns To San Diego!

Durwood & Johnny Yuma Get Ready For April!

March Recap & April Preview

March 21st 2009 Recap Music Video

The Ballard Brothers Get Ready For March 09'


SoCal Crazy Becomes Champion

Tommy Wilson vs. Adam Pearce Feb 2008

SoCal Crazy - Feb 2009 Stel Cage Workout

Johnny Yuma vs. Chimaera Jan 10th 2009
New Years Retribution

Durwood Murray Talks About Feb 21st
SoCal Crazy vs. Leonino
Jan 28th Oakland, CA

Feb 21st 2009

Jason Redondo & TNT Talk about
Feb 21st Steel Cage Match

November 2008 Recap

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