At The 5-Year Anniversary Event, SoCal Crazy finally unmasked Chimaera and everyone found out the man behind the mask was none other than the former two-time AWS Heavyweight Champion Johnny Paradise. Why did Johnny Paradise choose to disguise himself as the masked luchador who used to be a rival and tag team partner of SoCal Crazy?

This is a question that will hopefully be answered on May 19. Also, Johnny Paradise could be bitter after failing to win his Hair vs. Mask Match at last year's anniversary show.

Due to Paradise's loss to SoCal Crazy, he was forced to allow the loco luchador to cut his locks in front of the Oceanside crowd. It was surely a night to remember and a big embarrassment for Johnny Paradise.

The Hair vs. Mask Match was supposed to end the long heated-rivalry between the two wrestlers. However, Johnny Paradise does not want this feud with SoCal Crazy to die just yet until he can get rid of the former two-time SCP Heavyweight and one-time AWS Heavyweight Champion.

Regarding the AWS Heavyweight Championship, SoCal Crazy defeated Johnny Paradise back at Champion vs. Champion on February 13, 2010 to become the new the AWS Heavyweight Champion and a first-ever dual champion in SoCal Pro.

The SCP Heavyweight Title vs. AWS Heavyweight Title Match was very competitive because SoCal Crazy and Paradise had animosity towards each other leading into the match. The action was taken in and outside of the ring until a decisive winner was crowned in SoCal Crazy. History was made since SoCal Pro Wrestling never had another promotion's champion lose his title on a SCP show.

Two months later, Johnny Paradise would eventually regain the AWS Heavyweight Title in his home promotion and turf, but he still could not erase the fact that the AWS Heavyweight Title changed hands in Oceanside and SoCal Crazy remained the SCP Heavyweight Champion.

Johnny Paradise always brought the best out of SoCal Crazy in the ring and vice versa. Some of their classic battles occurred in AWS and spilled into SoCal Pro. Steel Cage Match, Falls Count Anywhere Match, Leather Strap Match, and a Hair vs. Mask Match are the matches where these wrestlers literally tried to destroy each other.

SoCal Crazy and Paradise pushed their bodies to the limit and put themselves through hell because they absolutely, without a doubt, do not like each other.

The SoCal Pro brass have lifted Johnny Paradise's suspension and he will be allowed to break his silence at A New Reign and answer the puzzling question as to why he had to stoop so low and be an imposter Chimaera.

Find out what Johnny Paradise has to say on Saturday, May 19 2012 in Ocenaside, CA at the Oceanside Boys & Girls Club


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2006-2012 SoCal Pro Wrestling - All rights reserved - Any reproduction of this site or its content is strictly prohibited