July / August 2011

The SCP Challenger, glad to have been in attendance for Oceanside's hottest summer event of the year, looks forward to even a more scorching show Saturday, August 13'th. Commissioner Durwood Murray publicly announced a SCP Heavyweight Championship ladder match next month between Mr. Megastar Tommy Wilson (c) and the man a lot of fans have been rooting for for so many years, Socal Crazy. There are still many questions on the minds of SCP's insightful audience. This time around, will Jason Redondo swoop in on behalf of Crazy? What new career threatening extremes will the champion and challenger be willing to explore to take home SCP gold?

Another big question on everyone's mind has to do with the dominant presence of Damage Control. Not only do Duke and Destro have the fans' complete attention after their victory over the highly technical team Young Hollywood (Chandler & Parker), they must have the attention of everyone in the locker room with their open challenge still in effect. With the Tag Team Champions 2 Skinny White Guys and fan favorites RockNES Monsters in their respective singles matches, this leaves few tag teams to be possible opponents for the thuggish team Damage Control.

After a questionable victory on behalf of the Mirror Image Megastars, predictably a lot of unfinished business must be left over as many of the matches signed for August 13'th pair off members of each team involved in the 8-Man main event in singles action. The thieving Ricky Mandel brings his hot Summer Classic Cup to face off against Johnny Goodtime (assuming he hasn't pawned it). "Rock and Roll Rebel Soul" Johnny Yuma has a favorable match-up against Nick Lovin, who had a less than spectacular showing in July's main event.

Two titans collide as the man with the mean-streak Johnny Paradise and "The Radiant One" Jason Redondo are scheduled to go toe to toe. Both men are coming off wins from July's Megastars Al!gn and a victory here could propel one of these athletes ahead in the SCP Heavyweight Championship scene. The SCP Challenger envisions a successful Paradise challenging a successful Socal Crazy for SCP Heavyweight gold to fuel Southern California's most heated feud. Come to think of it, Jason Redondo also has a lengthy history with the luchador as well.

After covering the story live at the 2011 Summer Classic, The SCP Challenger looks forward to a first round rematch between "Pretty" Peter Avalon and the man who would go on to win the entire tournament, Kid Caramba. Avalon, one half of the SCP Tag Team Champions, must be looking to show everybody he should have won the Summer Classic Cup. Caramba, former SCP Tag Team Champion, must be looking to show everybody he is the true owner of the Cup after having it swiped from under his nose by the thieving Ricky Mandel.

It is clear to this ringside reporter that the ladder is a major theme throughout August 13th's event in Oceanside. Each match signed gives the opportunity for each victor to ascend the treacherous ranks of Socal Pro Wrestling. Socal Crazy and Tommy Wilson must literally ascend a ladder to secure their position as SCP Heavyweight Champion. Things heat up August 13'th in Oceanside.


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