After a shocking announcement by SCP Commishioner Durwood Murray, the troublesome Mirror Image Megastars may have bit off more than they can chew now that they know they have to take on Socal Crazy's team of four in a War Games style Steel Cage Match at SuperClash '11. Let's take a look back at what exactly lead up to such a monumental match.

The first inklings of unease came about in the form of unsportsmanlike conduct at last year's SuperClash when "Pretty" Peter Avalon got involved in a match on behalf of "Lovin" Nick Lovin to help defeat Kid Caramba. This would set the tone for the rest of the year when the Mirror Image Megastars would run amok during matches whenever it would benefit them. The first annual Summer Classic, plagued with controversy, saw interference on more than one occasion at the two day event. When the extreneous shenanigans started to effect Socal Crazy, he formed a talented faction comprised of the RockNES Monsters and NWA Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce.

September 17'th will not mark the first time these foursomes faced off. In their first attempt at taking down Tommy Wilson and his cronies, a stolen Summer Classic Cup found its way into the action and collided with Socal Crazy's skull, allowing Wilson to score the pinfall. The Mirror Image Megastars presence only became more appearant in the following month at Ladder Match II. Socal Crazy had one more opportunity to topple the SCP Heavyweight Champion Tommy Wilson in the second ladder match these competitors have had against one another. Once again, to many fans disappointment, Ricky Mandel rushed out to Wilson's aide. The RockNES Monsters, 2 Skinny White Guys and almost the entire lockerroom broke out into a ringside brawl. A distraction ultimatly enabling Tommy Wilson's recovery of his title. This event along with the repeated offenses throughout the year lead Commisioner Murray to inform The Mirror Image Megastars of their role in the main event at SuperClash. Opposite Crazy, Pearce and The RockNES Monsters once again. Also, to settle a score, make an example, or perhaps just to keep the rif raf out confine the contestants in a War Games style Steel Cage Match.

One member from each team beginsthe contest going head to head. After five minutes, a contestant from the team that won a coin toss beforehand enters the cage. Two minute intervals space new superstars from entering the War Games main event. It is only after the last wrestler enters the ring can a team defeat their opponents by first pinfall or submission. Can Socal Crazy, with the help of the RockNES Monsters and "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce topple the menance known as the Mirror Image Megastars? Attend September 17'th blockbuster event in Oceanside, CA to witness SuperClash '11 War Games.

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