2017 SoCal Pro Wrestling Results

SoCal Pro Wrestling | Gold Fever
Febrary 18th 2017
Boys & Girls Club Oceanside, CA

1. Dark Usagi def. De La Unda
2. Ju Dizz def. Dark Usagi
3. Mike Camden def. Destro
4. PBR def. Dirty Doug & Terex
5. Chris Kadillak def. Ricky Mandel
6. Anthony Idol def. Jason Redondo
7. Psychosis & Cholo def. SoCal Crazy & Mariachi Loco
SoCal Pro Wrestling | New Years Reribution
January 15th 2016
Boys & Girls Club Oceanside, CA

1. Dark Usagi vs. Snake
2. Ryan Kidd def Ricky Mandel & Dirty Doug to become the new Golden State Champion
3. Destro Def Chris Kadillak
4. SoCal Crazy def. Bestia 666
5. PBR def. Anchors Away in a Career vs Title Match
6. Mike Camden def. Anthony Idol, Tommy WIlson & Ju Dizz

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