SoCal Pro Wrestling
Shockwave 2012
Saturday, July 21, 2012
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club
Oceanside, CA

1. Aerial Star defeated Ric Ellis with a Flying Lumpia (Blockbuster) off the top rope. Ellis was busted open earlier in the match.

2. Jimmy Ray Walker and Pulpo Dorado defeated Damage Control (Destro and Duke) after Duke accidentally knocked Destro off the ring apron and allowed JRW to schoolboy Duke for the win. After the match, Destro and Duke exchanged words, which led to Destro turning his back on his former tag team partner by choking him out until referees broke up the altercation.

3. SCP Heavyweight Championship: "Mr. Megastar" Tommy Wilson (c) defeated Nick Madrid to retain the SCP Heavyweight Title after Ricky Mandel distracted Nick Madrid and allowed Tommy Wilson to have another successful title defense.

4. Andre Machievski defeated Chris Kadillak.

5. Eight-Man Tag Team Elimination Match:

Team Paradise (Johnny Paradise, Ricky Mandel, Nick Lovin, and Joey Barone) defeated Team Crazy (SoCal Crazy, Ryan Kidd, Eddie Randle, and Jimmy Ray Walker). JRW was a last minute substitution since Kid Caramba could not compete on the show.

-SoCal Crazy defeated Nick Lovin.
-Joey Barone defeated Eddie Randle.
-Ricky Mandel defeated SoCal Crazy.
-Jimmy Ray Walker defeated Ricky Mandel.
-Johnny Paradise defeated Ryan Kidd via submission.
-Jimmy Ray Walker defeated Joey Barone.
-Johnny Paradise defeated Jimmy Ray Walker.

Winner and Sole Survivor: Johnny Paradise. Paradise called out SoCal Crazy and announced that he wants the match on Saturday, August 18, to be a Loser Leaves Town Match. There will be no count-outs, no disqualifications, and someone will have to leave SoCal Pro Wrestling forever!


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2006-2012 SoCal Pro Wrestling - All rights reserved - Any reproduction of this site or its content is strictly prohibited