Update on SoCal Crazy's Condition:

Commissioner Durwood Murray has been in contact with the friends and family of our SoCal Pro Champion, SoCal Crazy. As everyone knows by now, SoCal Crazy was the victim of a cowardly, heinous, and uncalled for attack at Collision Course III by who we all thought was his best friend, Tommy Wilson. We can now inform you that as a result of this attack, SoCal Crazy suffered significant blood loss, broken teeth, as well as a very severe concussion. For those of you who were disturbed and/or offended by the actions of Tommy Wilson, we sincerely apologize. Mr. Wilson was acting on his own accord, and by no means was he encouraged or instigated to perform this vile act by anyone associated with SoCal Pro Wrestling. Our initial response was to suspend Mr. Wilson indefinitely and also to encourage SoCal Crazy to press legal charges. However, SoCal Crazy has insisted we keep Mr. Wilson as an active member of the SoCal Pro roster and also stated he would not be pressing any charges, but would instead deal with these issues in the ring. Fans, if we have any more information, we will relay it to all of you, the great fans of SoCal Pro Wrestling, as soon as we are able.


SoCal Pro Wrestling
"Collision Course III"
Saturday, May 23, 2009
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club
Oceanside, CA

1) Chimaera defeated “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy via forfeit.

In what was billed as a special challenge match, Chimaera walked out to the ring ready to challenge the New Age Punisher B-By. B-Boy's music hit, but the New Age Punisher was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, the music cut out, and Jason Redondo' music came blaring over the speakers in Oceanside, CA. The fans rained down with cat calls and boos as Jason Redondo, Scott Lost, Adam Pearce, and C. Edward Vanderpyle walked out to the ring confidently. Redondo informed Chimaera that he had the night off and that B-Boy wouldn't be showing up. Chimaera shrugged his shoulders and walked off as Redondo explained that he had run B-Boy out of town after an altercation the two had the previous night in Pacific Beach. Redondo stated that now that B-Boy was out of the picture he could focus on getting his SoCal Pro Title back. Adam Pearce spoke up about the power of the Elite, and also made sure to throw some negative remarks towards Johnny Goodtime as well as many of the great fans of SoCal Pro Wrestling who were in attendance. Scott Lost grabbed the microphone and had some choice words for Johnny Yuma.

As Lost continued his verbal beatdown of Yuma and telling all of the SoCal Pro fans how great he was, Johnny Yuma, Johnny Goodtime, and Evan Jellik all ran out and cleared the ring of the Elite. All men brawled around the ringside area with Yuma, Goodtime, and Jellik standing tall.

2) The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon Ballard) defeated Aerial Star & Locura with Air Canada.

The Ballard Brothers ambushed Aerial Star and Locura from behind before the bell even rang. All 4 men took the match to the Penalty Boxes where the action continued. Eventually everyone ended up in the ring and the bell was finally rung. Throughout the match, Locura showed continued signs of mental instability and seemed to be talking to someone in the ring. At one point Locura even began unleashing offensive maneuvers onto this "imaginary" person. Aerial Star grew frustrated with his partner's delusional behavior, tagged himself in, but ran right into Air Canada from the Ballards and was defeated.

3) “Radiant” Jason Redondo defeated Evan Jelik with "Drop Dead Gorgeous" (Modified DDT).

Jason Redondo came out, determined to prove to Durwood Murray that he should be in title contention once again. Prior to the match, he was heard arguing with the Commissioner about getting in a title match if he was to defeat Evan Jellik. Evan Jellik put up a heck of a fight, but the Redondo proved to be too much for Jellik to handle.

4) Open Challenge Match: Locura (who answered the challenge) defeated Chimaera.

Chimaera came to the ring and told Ring Announcer Troy Stone that he wanted some competition since his original opponent was unable to make the show. Chimaera challenged any wrestler from the back to face him and Locura answered the challenge. Aerial Star tried to stop his tag team partner Locura from wrestling another match at Collision Course III, however, Locura continued towards the ring and instructed Aerial Star to head to the back. Locura showed a fire and determination we have never seen from him before in SoCal Pro Wrestling. During the match, he once again became distracted by something, or someone, and started throwing fists wildly into mid air. However, his craziness proved to be his advantage, as Locura picked up the win over Chimaera with a Spinning Suplex.

5) Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce with C. Edward Vander Pyle defeated Johnny Goodtime.

Johnny Goodtime was out for revenge in this match-up for the broken orbital bone he suffered back in January at New Year's Retribution at the hands of Pearce and Vanderpyle. This match went all around the ringside area as both wrestlers used everything that wasn't tied down in order to maim their opponent. Both men spent the entire match desperately trying to grab hold of the Brass Knuckles that were hanging 15 feet high above the ring. At one point in the match, as both ment were fighting for position on the pole, the Brass Knuckles went flying off the pole to the outside of the ring. When Pearce was just inches away from grabbing them, Johnny Goodtime dove to stop him, and the brawling around ringside and in the ring continued. Towards the end of the match, Johnny Goodtime was able to reverse a Piledriver from Pearce, and hit a BrainBuster/DDT type maneuver onto Pearce.

Seeing Pearce was totally knocked out, Goodtime opted for revenge, in the form of the brass knuckles, as opposed to pinning his opponent. As Goodtime grabbed the Brass Knuckles on the outside of the ring with the ref looking on, Vanderpyle snuck a spare pair of knuckles to Adam Pearce. Vanderpyle got in the way of Goodtime on his way back to the ring, in order to buy Pearce more time to recover. Goodtime clocked Vanderpyle with the brass knuckles, knocking him out cold as the fans in Oceanside, CA lept to their feet! Goodtime entered the ring and picked up Pearce to deliver the final, winning blow, however Pearce surprised him with his own pair of brass knuckles and stole another victory from Johnny Goodtime. After the match, it took 6 men to haul C. Edward Vanderpyle back to the locker room. Fans, this was one of the greatest matches in the history of SoCal Pro Wrestling, and is one of the reasons you have to be here to see what SoCal Pro Wrestling is all about. What an encounter!

6) “Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebel Soul” Johnny Yuma defeated “The Professional” Scott Lost.

Scott Lost dominated the majority of the match up with his technical wrestling skills. However, as soon as the tides began to turn in Yuma's favor, Adam Pearce and his trusty brass knuckles ran out to the ring to interfere. Not far behind him was Johnny Goodtime though, who got his revenge on Pearce from earlier when he knocked Pearce out cold with some brass knuckles of his own. Lost hit Yuma with a Jawbreaker variation and began to have words with Goodtime. Eventually, Lost turned around and went to pick up the seemingly lifeless Johnny Yuma, who suddenly rolled Scott Lost up with a small package for the victory in the upset of the night!

7) SoCal Pro Tag Team Championship: Cool Imagery (Hector Canales & Ricky Mandel) (c) defeated SoCal Crazy & Tommy Wilson.

This was the main event of the evening, pitting Cool Imagery, who have held the titles since November, against the best friend duo of Tommy Wilson, and the current SoCal Pro Champion, SoCal Crazy. The early few minutes of the match was comprised of both teams testing each other with great technical and counter wrestling. Each team applauded the other team for their tremendous in ring abilities. The match went back and forth, with neither team getting an advantage. During the match, dueling chants in support of both teams were very audible as each team had their fair share of supporters in attendance. Things took a disturbing turn though as when Ricky Mandel was on the offensive against SoCal Crazy, Wilson pulled the top rope down, sending Mandel out of the ring. Wilson began stomping aggressively on Mandel on the outside and even slammed his head into the ring apron as fans looked on confused. SoCal Crazy did not seen any of this and when Tommy rolled Mandel into the ring, SoCal continued to work over Mandel in hopes of gaining the SoCal Pro Tag Titles for Wilson and himself. However, Crazy did see what would happen a few moments later. As Ricky Mandel was climbing to the top turnbuckle, on the apron, Tommy Wilson shoved Mandel off, causing him to land painfully onto the top rope. Crazy was not happy with this turn of events, as Wilson clearly showed no care for the well being of Ricky Mandel in this situation.
Wilson screamed for Crazy to pin Mandel, but the SoCal Pro Champion refused to win the titles this way and instead was checking to see if Ricky was OK. Tommy reached over and tagged himself in and began beating Mandel senseless, focusing on the injured groin area. Wilson looked to be well onto his way to winning the tag team titles with a Superkick on Mandel, but Hector Canales ran in to break up the pinfall. Wilson got up and began arguing with SoCal Crazy, while Hector dragged Ricky towards their corner so he could tag in. Wilson stood in the opposite corner verbally berating SoCal Crazy, accusing him of being a "coward", "weak", a "loser", and other words that can not be reprinted on this site. For those in attendance, we sincerely apologize for the verbiage that Tommy Wilson was using at this point.

When Wilson finally stopped the verbal beatdown, he turned around to find Hector in the ring. The two battled momentarily, with Hector whipping Wilson directly into SoCal Crazy. The two men's heads collided, Wilson turned around and walked straight in a Spinebuster from Hector Canales that was able to get the job done as the tag champs retained.

The real story occurred after the match, as Wilson continued berating SoCal Crazy. It seemed cooler heads would prevail as the two men hugged and shook hands, but this was not to be, as Wilson suddenly hit Crazy with a vicious lariat right in the middle of the ring. As Wilson looked down, and the boos rained in on him from the fans in Oceanside, Wilson slowly picked Crazy up and delivered his patented Superkick. With Crazy down, Wilson demanded a title shot. Wilson left the ring as the boos continued to pour in. Crazy got up eventually and grabbed the microphone. He explained that he would not let the SoCal Pro Title come between their friendship, and that this was not the Tommy Wilson he knew, not the Tommy Wilson who helped him and trained him for his Cage Match against Jason Redondo where he became SoCal Pro Champion. He apologized to Tommy, but said he just wouldn't throw their friendship away and they could find a way to work out their differences other than fighting.

What happened next was perhaps the most horrific, cowardly, and vicious attack ever to take place in SoCal Pro Wrestling. As SoCal Crazy was posing for the fans with his SoCal Pro Title, Tommy Wilson charged the ring with a chair and struck SoCal Crazy directly in the skull. As Crazy crumbled to the mat, Tommy Wilson stood over him fuming and seething with a disturbing anger we have never seen from him before. Tommy began to slam the chair into the ribs of SoCal Crazy. Wilson's attack continued as he threw Crazy over the guardrail into the chairs at ringside as the fans cleared out of the way, watching the carnage unfold with terror in their eyes.

Wilson eventually threw Crazy back in the ring, and continued his assault with the chair and also hit Crazy with another Superkick. Suddenly, Johnny Yuma and Johnny Goodtime ran out to save their friend, SoCal Crazy. Wilson slowly backed out of the ring and once again told the unconscious SoCal Crazy that their friendship was officially over, and that this would never end until he received a title shot!

Durwood Murray walked out and told Wilson that you can't earn title shots by attacking people in this manner, that to earn a title shot, you need to win matches and be deemed the #1 contender, so he announced a Four Corners Elimination Match for June 20th, with Jason Redondo vs. Johnny Yuma vs. Johnny Goodtime vs. Tommy Wilson, with the winner of the match challenging SoCal Crazy for the SoCal Pro title on July 18th. Wilson was boiling over with anger as he walked back to the locker rooms.

Meanwhile, in the ring, while tending to Crazy, Goodtime and Yuma realized that the Champ was not responding to anything, and blood was coming out of his mouth. They called out for one of the SoCal Pro Staff Members to get their car as Crazy clearly needed medical attention immediately. As quickly as possible, fans cleared their chairs out of the way as the car pulled up close to the ring, where Goodtime, Yuma, The Dynamic Brothers, along with SoCal Pro Wrestling Officials carried the SoCal Pro Champion to the awaiting vehicle, which immediately sped off, so that Crazy could get to an Emergency Room where he could receive the medical attention he needed.

Fans, we once again want apologize for the actions of Tommy Wilson. What he did at Collision Course III was by no means endorsed, prompted, or encouraged by anyone associated with SoCal Pro Wrestling. Our immediate reaction was to suspend Mr. Wilson, perhaps indefinitely, and let the law take matters into their own hands. However, SoCal Crazy, insisted we keep him on the active roster and also refused to press charges. We will respect SoCal Crazy's decision on this matter since he was the person who was affected by the vile actions of Tommy Wilson. As we now know, SoCal Crazy not only ended up with significant blood loss and broken teeth from the attack, but he also suffered a VERY SEVERE CONCUSSION. Commissioner Durwood Murray is still waiting word on finding out when SoCal Crazy will be back in action here in SoCal Pro Wrestling. From all of us here at SoCal Pro Wrestling, we wish him all the best as he recovers from this heinous attack.


Upcoming event:
Saturday, June 20, 2009 - Oceanside Boys & Girls Club - 401 Country Club Ln (Oceanside, CA)

Main Event already signed:
Four Corner Elimination Match to Determine the #1 Contender for the SoCal Pro Title

Johnny Yuma vs. Jason Redondo vs. Johnny Goodtime vs. Tommy Wilson

For information regarding the June event and other SoCal Pro news, then please visit www.socalprowrestling.com